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Welcome to Bertatech Solutions. My name is Fashola-Oba I am a certified digital marketing expert. I will be sharing tips on how to build a strong online businesses success. My strategy has helped create a chain of business in Nigeria. Lets start now…

Most businesses once they start online, tend to focus more on their online brand and abandon the offline marketing.

You must not fail to realise that there are people who are in your network offline and until you reach them offline you can not convert them to your online business.

I have been sharing tips on how to grow your business in 2019. The feedback has been amazing.

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Believe it or not, face-to-face meetings are not dead.

Participating in industry meetings, conferences, and tradeshows is a great way to nurture relationships with colleagues, network, and meet new people.

If your industry has a team, state groups or national trade association, join it and participate in their meetings.

I meet with my team once a month, you can join mine as well to build a solid network. 

If your product or service is used locally, join groups that you can network with more people and attend their meetings.

Because it is costly to attend meetings, maximize the impact of attending by attempting to set up one-on-one meetings in advance and identify other ways to increase your participation and visibility at the meeting:

look for speaking opportunities, sponsor a coffee break, or organize an educational workshop.

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