Paystack a Partner of Bertatech Solutions Introduces the Audit login Feature on their payment Platform

Africa fintech giant, Paystack recently added the audit login feature to their payment platform. In a mail to Bertatech Solutions by Paystack team member AbdulRahman her said

We’re excited to announce Audit Logs, which gives you full visibility into everything your teammates do on the Paystack Dashboard!

Abdulrahman and the Paystack team!

A few months ago, we introduced User Permissions, which lets you invite members of your team to your Paystack Dashboard, and choose exactly what they can see and do. With Audit Logs, you can go one step further, and also see everything they do, and when they do it.

 Bertatech Solutions is an evengelist of the Paystack online payment system and has organised numerous trainings for the companies including 01shawarma, Wavecrest College of Hospitality . The Payment platform is seamless and void of numerous hithces faced by the traditional banking apps and transfers when used by SMEs.

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There’re 45 unique activities you can track today, helping you answer questions such as:

Who initiated this transfer, and when?
Who issued this refund?
Who marked this invoice as paid? And lots more!

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