We are glad that our company Bertatech Solutions was selected by Google as one of the Digital Mixers of 2019.

It was an exciting time at the Google Nigeria HQ. I must say that Nigeria businesses still have a lot to do in maximizing the opportunities available in the Digital space.

Low response to innovative ideas from experts is stifling the opportunities of many businesses. Depending on trends and influencers is a short term approach with a quick Cash out mentality that is at variant with the business integrity of long term mindset.

Expert report has shown that some of the biggest businesses maximizing the Digital opportunities in Nigeria are churches and political figures. Can you just imagine that?

Now upon us, we have the influx of Asia powerhouses, Alipay, WeChat and Opay now in the Nigeria market all laying foundation to Cash out big in the emerging market when we finally hit 1billion customer in about 20years.

Google digital mixer 2019

This recognition by Google is one that was very uplifting considering the in-depth of strategic work and data analysis our team put in to build a solid virtual brand and sales for our clients.

Not to mention the many contributions we make to ensure Nigeria is surely represented in the Digital space.

We believe in no distant future the government will come to see the great work many tech companies like Bertatech is doing for the country but for now, we remain focused on the micro and macro business that runs the economy.

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